You don’t have to read everything, but if you ever wanted to know what the hell is wrong with me, read the parts I highlighted. (I laugh because my weaknesses are a joke)


INTPs are known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic - in fact, they are considered the…

Hahaha! I’ve always (ALWAYS!) pictured you as Sailor Mercury!!! Lol XD I knew it!

I actually took a bunch of personality test in my career counseling class and I got INTJ lol I’ll try it out here and see if I get the same haha

You have?? lol No way~~ I never paid attention to her because I liked Jupiter

Let me know what you got!! We’ll see if this test is legit haha I think I could be part INTJ as well! Something about its description speaks right to my heart.

Yeah Jupiter was pretty cool haha I thought Ami was better tho lol tgem bubbles ;D

I came out as INFJ on this test. I think everyone is a mix of some cuz I remember taking the tests in class and sometimes this one popped up but I mainly got INTJ lol